Blinds - The Product

Habitat - Just set your Earth Blind out in nature, let the habitat grow around it, and the result is a favorite spot ready-to-go for decades of undetected concealment. Earth Blind will be there ready to keep your presence obscure.

Windows - These silent, 3-stage windows completely seal to keep scent in and to black out completely (turning into a bow holder). They also open fully to shoot a gun or arrow. The windows are angled so all reflections are sent to the ground. Add locking doors and the design’s natural curves and you have the ultimate hunting blind.

Design - The Earth Blinds' heavy-duty fiberglass design with an innovative, real-earth finish blends perfectly in the environment, because it is made with real dirt. If this blind doesn’t match your ground, we can customize it with dirt from your own property. Earth Blind’s heavy-duty fiberglass is protected from damage due to animal gnawing, fading, rotting, or deteriorating. Earth Blind’s large interior makes it ideal for multiple hunters and even filming.

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